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Science Fair

posted Feb 24, 2013, 5:56 PM by webmaster jrw

Saturday February 16th was the DeKalb Central Science Fair.  Our students competed against Country Meadow, McKenney-Harrison, and Waterloo students.  We had 29 science fair participants.

Our first grade participants were:

Gigi Heimann, Michael Leco, Tristan Short, Olivia Woodcox, John Platt, Preslee Morr, Demetri Feher, and Tyler King.

First grade results:

1st place-Olivia Woodcox

2nd place- Demetri Feher

Honorable Mention- Gigi Heiman


Our second grade participants were:

Evie Pepple, Logan Call, Haiden Lockwood, and Elizabeth Bell.

Second grade results:

1st place-Haiden Lockwood

3rd place- Elizabeth Bell


Our third grade participants were:

Jeffrey Scheeler, Braelyn May, Alexis Leco, Gavin Kling, and Colton Eads

Third grade results:

1st place-Colton Eads

Honorable Mention- Jeffrey Scheeler

Principal’s Award-Braelyn May


Our fourth grade participants were:

Siann Humbarger, Sarah Platt, Alex Rexroat, Ian Heimann, Morgan Leslie, Autumn Straw, Kelsey Ternet, Emily Lowery, and Ivan Gaier

Fourth grade results:

1st place-Siann Humbarger

2nd place- Kelsey Ternet

3rd place- Emily Lowery

Honorable Mention- Autumn Straw

Best Conservation Award-Ivan Gaier

Best Use of Math-Sarah Platt

Best Use of Scientific Method- Morgan Leslie

Best Dental Project- Emily Lowery


Our fifth grade participants were:

Lauren Woodcox, Anna Church, and Madison Dollier

Fifth grade results:

1st place- Lauren Woodcox

Honorable Mention- Anna Church


The following students will be competing at the Regional Science Fair at Trine University on March 16th:

Oliva Woodcox, Demetri Feher, Gigi Heimann, Haiden Lockwood, Elizabeth Bell, Colton Eads, Siann Humbarger, Kelsey Ternet, Autumn Straw, Emily Lowery, and Lauren Woodcox.


I am very proud of all these students.  All the students’ hard work has paid off.  Good luck to all the students attending the regional science fair!  I would also like to thank Mrs. Post and Mrs. Heimann for helping me with science fair workshops.

Mrs. Warner