Early Childhood

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Kindergarten Readiness
Is your child ready for Kindergarten?
Pre-Kindergarten Skills
The following are skills and developmental foundations that children should
experience, know, and have an understanding of before they
enter kindergarten. We hope parents, teachers, and child care
providers use this as a tool to help the children they work with
become “Lifelong Learners”. This list of skills and foundations was
developed with the help of kindergarten teachers, administrators, and the
Kindergarten Readiness Coalition of DeKalb Central United Schools. Please
use this as a guide to help your child prepare for kindergarten.
Social Skills
accepts and follows routines and rules
plays/works well with others
shares and takes turns
displays self-control
follows simple directions
Personal Development
knows full name
is aware of phone number and address
knows names of important people in life
knows birth date: complete with month, date, and year
Language Development
speaks clearly
expresses ideas well
uses adequate language
speaks in complete sentences
tells a story in sequence
participates in family/classroom discussions
identifies colors
Self Help Skills
dresses self (buttons, zips, etc...)
holds writing utensil and writes using letter like forms
controls scissors
can write name legible (start with capital then lower case)
can draw a picture and tell about drawing
can use restroom alone
Reading Skills
knows/recognizes most letters, especially those in own name
knows alphabet in sequence
works from left to right
show interest in books and hearing stories
can hear rhyming words
notices print in the environment
distinguishes print as different from pictures
Number Development
can count to 20
can count 20 objects
writes numbers clearly (0-10)
recognizes numbers 0-10
identifies basic shapes
understands simple math terms (up, down, in, out, etc...)
Kindergarten Registration
DeKalb County Central United School District starts Kindergarten registration in the fall of the year prior to the date the child will start school.
Typically registration starts in October at area preschools and childcare centers and continues until all children enroll.
We encourage early enrollment as we have programs to help children in need, as well as workshops and meeting for parents of incoming kindergarten children. Early enrollment also helps us with staffing arrangements and class size determination.
To enroll for Kindergarten in the State of Indiana a child MUST BE 5, on or before August 1st of their kindergarten year.