Student Council

                     Here are our 2016-2017 Student Council Members:

1st Grade:    Illiana, Gabe, Alexa, Jaxon
2nd Grade:   Callie, Carter, DeAnna, Taylor
3rd Grade:    Kassidy, Claire, Mackenzie, Maci
4th Grade:    Graham, Drew, Sophie, Addison
5th Grade:    Sydney, Elizabeth, Dan, Caden 

Meeting Dates for 2016-2017:

 9/13 *We will be making our SC shirts at this meeting and scheduling snack days!!!!!!

***Candy Bar Day is scheduled for Friday, November 4th!  Students may bring a $1.00 to purchase one candy bar.  Below are the remaining tentative snack days:

12/9-Popcorn Day
1/27-Popcorn Day

4/21-Ice Cream Day
5/12-Ice Cream Day

 Look how awesome we did collecting items for the Heimach Center!!!

Save your shoes!
During the month of November, JRW Student Council members will be collecting gently used shoes to benefit individuals worldwide and support our local animal shelters.  Please tie or rubber band gently used shoes/boots together, bring them to school, and place them inside a marked container. 

 Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Representatives!

1st Graders: Maya, Aurora, Sarah, Stella

2nd Graders: Nate, Kortney, Graham, Justin

3rd Graders: Preslee, Matthew, Dan, Linzee

4th Graders: Alana, Ethan, Andrew, Wyatt

5th Graders: Traeton, Bo, Afredo, Jadyn

Upcoming Snack Days:

November 21st Popcorn Day (All snacks are $1.00)

January 30th Ice Cream Day

February 27th Popcorn Day

April 24th Ice Cream Day

May 22nd Popcorn Day


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