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Journey to Authorization

In the Primary Years Program, the journey from first applying to the program to authorization is generally considered a three-year time commitment.  In 2014, James R. Watson decided to apply to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program.


The first step in this process involved a study of the program itself and attendance by school leadership at training to help understand the requirements prior to making the final commitment decision.


Filing of the Application for Candidacy was the second step of the process.  Our application was reviewed by IB personnel and we were accepted as an IB Candidate School.  We were then assigned an IB Consultant to work with through the following school year. During this time, all Watson teachers received a three-day intensive training from IB coaches on the program, practices, and beliefs of IB.  We also had a three-day visit from our IB Consultant which was very beneficial for our staff, as our consultant was very knowledgeable and gave us helpful feedback.


In the spring of 2018, a verification team from IB visited our school and James R. Watson became an authorized IB World School! Many teachers and school leaders have had the opportunity to travel to IB World Conferences and receive further training in the components of the IB program.  We have spent many professional development hours planning and developing our school-wide Program of Inquiry (POI).