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Student Council

Student Council is a group of 1st-5th-grade students that meet once a month with two JRW sponsors. Each 1st-5th grade classroom selects a classroom representative at the beginning of the school year. During monthly meetings, Student Council continually keeps up on their school-wide recycling initiative, plans school-wide fundraisers (Candy Bar Days, Snack Days, Candy Grams), helps plan and carry out an annual Veteran's Day Program, works concession at JRW's Math Bowl Competition, facilitates fun activities to raise money for Relay for Life, often participates in Relay for Life Weekend at Dekalb High School, selects and awards two DeKalb seniors with scholarships and much, much more. The funds collected by the Student Council go towards scholarships, other needs the school may have, or fun events for the school and sometimes include generous donations to our local animal shelter.